Building Control & Energy Management Systems

The control system installed in the leisure centre at the Arklow Bay Hotel controls the pool area air handling system.  Typical swimming pool control routines are utilised such as pool space temperature control, unoccupied period humidity control, night setback temperature control etc.


A Mach ProView controller is installed locally near the pool AHU for routine service and maintenance use.  This is also used to alert the staff to any faults or temperature and humidity changes that might occur in the system.


A Mach Proview is also installed in the managers office to view and adjust various settings such as temperature and humidity setpoints, time schedules, system faults/warnings etc.


Project Name:

Arklow Bay Hotel, Leisure Centre




Market Segment:



Project Type:

Air Handling


BMS Devices:

Mach ProView
Mach ProZone





User Interface:

Mach ProView