Building Control & Energy Management Systems

The BMS installed in Europharma controls the HVAC system and various process control applications including AHU's, plantroom's and process tanks.


The AHU's are controlled to maintain the required temperature and pressure levels in the clean room area's.  The plantroom consists of gas & steam boilers, heating circulation pumps and hot water tanks for the heating requirements of the HVAC system and the plant itself.


A number of process tanks are controlled to maintain the precise temperatures required for the manufacturing processes.


Local Mach Proview controllers are installed for monitoring and adjustments by the plant operators, and a web interface using the Mach ProWeb for more detailed information.


Project Name:

Europharma Concepts



Clara, Co. Offaly

Market Segment:




Project Type:

Air Handling, Plant Room


BMS Devices:

Mach ProWeb

Mach Proview LCD
Mach ProZone




User Interface:

Mach ProView

Web Browser