Building Control & Energy Management Systems

The control system at the Hillgrove Hotel controls the air handling systems for the swimming pool area.  It maintains a constant air temperature and humidity in the pool hall during occupied periods.


A number of energy saving control strategies are utilised to ensure the system runs as efficiently as possible.  These include automatic fan speed control, heat recovery, fresh air humidity control and night setback modes.


A local Mach ProView is used at the air handling system for use by the maintenance staff and another Mach ProView is installed in the pool reception area for monitoring by the pool staff.


The system is also accessed through RC-WebView for a more detailed information on the system such as trend logs, runtime logs, alarm logging etc.


Project Name:

Hillgrove Hotel




Market Segment:



Project Type:

Swimming Pool Ventilation


BMS Devices:

Mach Pro 1

Mach ProView
Mach ProZone




User Interface:

Mach ProView

Mach ProWeb