Building Control & Management Systems

The air handling units installed in Pramerica are controlled by Mach Pro View and Mach ProZone controllers.  The Mach ProView serves as the main user interface and the built in Wifi capability allows remote access to the AHU controls for service and monitoring.


The AHU's have hot water heating coils and the control system is set up to provide a constant supply air temperature to the office and data centre areas.


For energy efficiency, the system has the option of regulating the fan speeds based on heating/cooling demand, ensuring that the fans need only run at a minimum speed when the required space conditions are met.


The Mach ProZone's add further inputs to the system for the monitoring of alarms such as fan trips, frost conditions, filter dirty notifications etc.


Project Name:




Letterkenny, Co. Donegal

Market Segment:

Data Centre/Office/Administration


Project Type:

Air Handling


BMS Devices:

Mach Proview LCD Wifi
Mach ProZone





User Interface:

Mach ProView