Building Control & Energy Management Systems



RC-Archive® is a data logging application that gathers historical log data from BACnet and Reliable Controls Protocol (RCP) controllers and stores it in a database, ready for further analysis using applications such as RC-Studio®, RC-Reporter®, RC-WebView® and the MACH-ProWebCom/Sys™ web interface. RC-Archive is an ideal solution where long-term data storage and integrity is important for monitoring and auditing facility performance. RC-Archive consists of a number of components, tools, and related applications that process data in the RC-Archive database. At the heart of RC-Archive's data logging process is the RC-Archive Windows Service (ATLArchiveService), which gathers data from IP-connected networks and stores it in a database. RC-Archive also provides two additional tools to configure and manage the data logging process: the Configuration Utility and the Database Utility. These are stand-alone applications used to configure the various aspects of the RC-Archive Windows Service, and to manage data in the RC-Archive database.



Easy Setup
Wizards guide the operator to provide easy setup.


Create trend logs by simply dragging and dropping.
Browse through multiple panels and create archives
from multiple jobs

Automatic Connection
While logging, RC-Archive manages communication resources automatically


2D and 3D graphing with zoom and pan capabilities


Data Logging