Building Control & Energy Management Systems



RC-Hospitality is an integrated guest-room control package which allows the front desk property management system to automatically assign comfort levels upon check-in, which reduces the workload for the staff and saves energy.


RC-Hospitality automatically assigns the HVAC/lighting occupancy setting for any room upon guest check-in, enabling the MACH-System to improve guest-room comfort and operational efficiency, while delivering analytics for the entire facility.



Provides custom integration into OPERA Property Management Systems (PMS).

Networks into existing PMS using TCP/IP (Ethernet).

Accommodate up to 2000 rooms.

Supports the international standard BACnet protocol
(ISO16484-7 and ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2012).

Integrates into existing BACnet HVAC and lighting
controllers using BACnet/IP (B/IP).




Application Diagram