Building Control & Energy Management Systems



Extract intelligence from your archived building data and make informed operational decisions with Reliable Controls RC-Reporter. This fully customizable, server-based application allows you to analyze the trend and runtime data from any BACnet Internet- connected building, and generate professional performance reports, quickly and accurately



Flexible Report Generation

  • Build reports quickly by simply dragging and dropping Report Components onto the report grid Select data and ranges from multiple RC-Archive databases or import data from MS-Excel spreadsheets
  • Run simple and complex queries to refine data used in any Report Component
  • Apply standard math functions, transforms, and operators to data
  • Saved reports are stored securely on RC-Reporter server
  • Reports can be easily exported to, and imported from other RC-Reporter installations
  • Report viewing supported by both desktop browsers and mobile devices, including Safari on iOS and Android, Chrome, and Firefox on Android 2.3+
  • Powerful Data Source and Point Management
  • Quickly identify, locate, and connect to any number of RC-Archive instances
  • Automatically displays all available databases for access
  • Flexible point browsing user interface includes filtering by name and mnemonic
  • Categories allow points to be organized and tagged easily and efficiently
  • Sample Reports
  • Customize the sample reports that ship with RC-Reporter to quickly create your new professional-looking reports
  • Efficient User Administration
  • Add, disable, and re-enable user accounts individually
  • Support for Microsoft Authentication / Active Directory integration
  • Users can reset their own passwords without admin intervention
  • Designate shared reports to be read-only or configurable, by individual users
  • Share reports with any number of authorized users by broadcasting report links or exported pdf to user-defined email recipient lists