Building Control & Energy Management Systems

The HVAC control system installed at the Springhill Court Hotel controls the air handling system for the leisure centre pool and changing areas.


Mach ProView controllers are used as the main system interface, both at the air handling units themselves and in the office area for monitoring and adjustments by staff.  Mach Pro 1 and Mach Pro Zone controllers are also used to extend the I/O capacity of the system.


Various energy saving control routines are used to run the system as efficiently as possible.  Fan speeds are adjusted automatically based on the heating demands.  Humidity levels are monitored to ensure that the humidity in the pool area is maintained at the required level at all times.



Project Name:

Springhill Court Hotel




Market Segment:


Leisure Centre


Project Type:

Air Handling


BMS Devices:

Mach Proview LCD
Mach ProZone

Mach Pro 1



User Interface:

Mach ProView